Paschalis was born in Alexandroupoli on February 1955. He studied art decoration, free drawing and colour composition in the city of Thessaloniki. He studied under the instructions of the painter Dimitris Scretas in the engraving technique of the metal surface. He worked as a scene-painter and costume of stage-designer in various public theatres. He paints large dimensional wall-paintings in public and famous private establishments. He lives in Makrinitsa, Pelion and the city of Volos since 1989.

Often we use an idea in order to understand
the reality. The artist skilfully isolates it and
makes it stand out the immobility of the ancient
statues, that are imbued with continuity. Then
he transfers to these portraits, human feelings
and he unexpectedly creates a theatrical scene,
where the confessional monologue is prevailing.
Aggelidis compromises indirectly the duration
of human feelings. The artist adopts a negative
stand against the art of antiquity of anxiously
tries to relieve the contemporary man from
the excessive seriousness and the mechanical
way of living, offering himself the pleasure of
questioning through his paintings.
The sophist Gorgias in one of his juridical
speeches supports that in tragedy and in painting
the one who cheats more, creating creatures
similar to real ones, he is the best, because the
poet’s and the technician’s goal is not the truth,
but the people’s pleasure

Solo Exhibitions :

Centre  Expérimental d'Athènes (1984), Galerie Kreonidis (1987), Galeries Ersi (1992, 1994) Galerie « Rythmos » (Komotiní 1992), Galerie KOSTAS Karras (1991, 1992), Galerie Cellini (Leiden en Hollande 1994), Galerie ESTEC (Noordwijk en Hollande 1994), Wayne Centre d'Art Galerie (Philadelphie, Etats-Unis 1994), Maria Andipa Icône Galerie (Londres, 1994).
Hellenic Centre( London, 2021)